It's a shame to hide your flagship feature away — so instead of placing its folding OLED screen on the inside, the Huawei Mate X keeps it on the exterior. The result is a logical design that lets both 6.6-inch "sides" of the screen function when folded, yet serve as an 8-inch tablet when unfurled. It also promises high-speed 5G wireless connectivity, excellent image chops thanks to the Leica-engineered camera, and plenty of battery life thanks to a purpose-designed 4500 mAh cell.

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Digitally-Knitted Airbus Move Is the Aeron of Airline Seating


Flying economy class for more than an hour or two these days presents a bevy of ergonomic challenges prone to leave anything but the impression of friendly skies. In the pursuit to maximize costs, air carriers have inched toward draconian bare bone seating, lining up passengers ever closer with a minimum of legroom, and increasingly only the suggestion of cushioning. Which makes the promise of Move seating by LAYER for aircraft manufacturer Airbus a heartening reboot for economy class travelers looking for a little more control while traveling across short-to-middle haul routes.

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lamborghini LB48H terzo millennio to launch at 2019 frankfurt motorshow


lamborghini plans to reveal its anticipated LB48H terzo millennio concept at the 2019 frankfurt motor show. the model is its first hybrid supercar and will feature an electric motor with the brand’s familiar 6.5-liter V12 engine at the rear axle. rumors indicate the model has a combined output of 838 horsepower (625 kilowatts) and is rumored to be priced at $2.5 million US. lamborghini’s LB48H terzo millennio concept is limited to 63 units only and is reportedly already sold out. to read more about the concept and its origins, see below.

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